Tips for Old Olive Oil

This is my little olive tree.  It may be small but it is mighty.  He was planted last year in this pot and this year, gave me a few olives, a sample of what is to come.  I live in a neighborhood that was once an olive orchard or grove.  My neighbors all have trees which they complain once the olives begin to drop to the ground.  As you step on them, the ground gets a nice oily spot and your shoes carry that oil inside.  I am one of the few houses where the trees were eradicated by the builder.

I received this sweet little tree from one of my sisters-in-law.  She sent it to me to help me through the death of my mother.  Mom died a year ago last August.  She was one of many, seven, I counted, that were close to me and passed away within a time span of two years.  Grief has been a daily battle.  Sometimes I win and sometimes it wins over me.  Nonetheless, I look at the bright side of life as much as possible.  This brings me to my olive oil tip.  You thought I’d never get here, didn’t you.

Olives are being harvested in the Northern Hemisphere.  What this means for us, the consumers, is that new oils will be available soon.  Olio Nuovo is available now and if you come across some, I recommend that you buy a bottle.  My question to you is – How long have you had your bottle of EVOO opened in your pantry or cupboard?  When did you buy it? Depending on how long it’s been opened, it might not be a good idea to consume it.  If your unopened bottle is one year old or more, or if it was opened for more than 3 – 4 months, it is probably showing signs of rancidity at the moment and it’s a good idea to use it up. Try smelling it.  If it smells like old walnuts or maybe paint, do not ingest it.  If it smells a little rancid, use it up quickly.  The next best thing to consuming it, is to use it in other ways.  Here is one way that I use EVOO outside of the kitchen.

I tend to get a dry and itchy scalp at the beginning of Fall and Spring.  If I use a dandruff shampoo, I need to continue using it to control my flakes and itchiness.  One solution, that has worked for me, is a hot oil treatment.  My mom would do this on my hair when I was young and I had used olive oil on my daughter’s hair, also.  It is a wonderful treatment and feels so good, especially if someone is doing it for you.  So, I’ve taken some pictures.  Try it and see what you think.


All you need is a bowl with 1/2 cup of EVOO, more or less, a comb, cotton balls, a plastic bag and a towel.


First, warm up the olive oil.  You can use the microwave for about 30 seconds or so, warm but not too hot. Put a towel around your shoulders just in case. Part your hair.

IMG_3337Dip the cotton ball in the oil and run it down your part.


Keep parting your hair every inch or so.  When you’ve done the top, sides and back, comb it through and put a plastic bag over your head.


Wrap a towel over the bag and relax.  I tend to keep it on until I feel that it is getting cold.  Shampoo it out.  You may need to give it an extra wash.  You won’t need a conditioner today.


Your hair will come out soft, silky and shiny.  I hope you try it.

Thanks, Peggy.  I love my little tree.

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