Olio Nuovo

Is your Olive Oil Olio Nuovo?  Check your harvest date.  If it says October or November 2015, it is.  Lucky you!

So, what exactly IS Olio Nuovo?  Well, if you remember some of your high school Spanish, which I truly hope you do, or know some Italian, it means “new oil”.  Olio Nuovo is EVOO that has just been milled.  It is bottled right after milling and is unfiltered.  There are many producers who do not believe in filtering anyway.  Extra Virgin Olive Oil does not need to be filtered to be accepted in that category.  But it is usually racked.  This means that the olive oil is placed in stainless steel drums and, in time, the sediment drops to the bottom.  The oil is bottled after some time has passed in the stainless steel container.

What this means to you and me, is that you need to consume your Olio Nuovo quickly.  It can go rancid faster than usual.  The important thing to remember is that it is saturated in all the beneficial elements that EVOO is known for.

So, take a tablespoon of this elixir every morning.  Finish all your dishes with it.  Pour some extra on your salad, soup, vegetables, chili, stew, chicken, brownies and ice cream.  Yes, you heard me right.  Brownies and ice cream are great with a pungent olive oil.  Add a little sea salt on top and you won’t believe your taste buds.


I’m going now to enjoy my Olio Denardi.  Great stuff!  So pungent that my sinuses feel it when I  go for a whiff of it.

Buen Gusto!



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