Glazed Lemon Monkey Bread

Yes, dear Followers, another lemon recipe.  I must tell you I have a few more up my sleeve.  Kumquats are in queue.  My kumquat tree has branches that just can’t hold up to the weight of all the fruit.  For now, let’s continue on my Meyer lemon journey.  This recipe is not mine.  I got it from  It was on Pinterest where I caught the sight of her picture and went on to her website.  I have made few monkey or pull apart breads in my life.  I think I’ve only baked one.  I think I tasted someone else’s another time.  So, I have limited experience in this category.  This one had lemon in it and so I gave it a try.  It requires a large bundt cake pan.  I don’t own a bundt cake pan.  I did go through all my little used pans, you know the ones that are so far back in the lowest shelf of the bottom cupboard that kneeling on the floor won’t let you reach.  These pans are down by the Antartica and I had to sit and almost lay down with flashlight in hand to get to them.  It’s good to do this occasionally.  One never knows what one might find.   I didn’t find a bundt cake pan but using my Argentine ingenuity, I decided to use a jello mold.  The product of this pan was OK but it didn’t look as pretty as the picture on  So, I looked at my other alternative, an angel food cake pan.  The second monkey bread still didn’t come out like the picture.  Why didn’t you go out and buy a bundt cake pan?, you ask.  I don’t know.

OK, let me fess up.  At first, I thought that the jello mold was a bundt cake pan.  It wasn’t until later that I remembered why I bought it.  I’ve never made a bundt cake, so I don’t own a pan.  I should have gone out and bought one but I became my mom for a moment.  It happens sometimes.  Mom was very, very thrifty.  She made due with whatever she had so as not to spend money and that rubs off on me occasionally.  Enough of the pan! Let’s get to the recipe.


1 batch of Bun Dough (This can be homemade dough, defrosted frozen bread dough or dough in a can.)

4 Tbls. melted Butter

1/2 cup Sugar

4 tsp. Grated Lemon Zest




4 Tbls. melted Butter

1 cup Powdered Sugar

Juice of 2 Lemons




Grease a large bundt cake pan. In medium bowl, combine Butter, Sugar and Lemon Zest.



Roll dough into 1 inch balls and cover in Lemon Sugar.


Place in greased pan.  When done with all the dough, cover with plastic wrap then foil.  Let rise 1 – 2 hours or put in refrigerator for next day.


Preheat over to 350 degrees.  Remove plastic wrap and foil and bake uncovered 55-65 minutes.  Check it in 30-40 minutes.  If the top is browning too much, place foil on it and continue baking.


IMG_4730Meanwhile, combine melted Butter, Powdered Sugar and Lemon Juice.  For a thicker glaze, let it sit for 30 minutes before using.  Take bread out of the pan and drizzle with glaze.




Jello Mold Pan


Angel Food Cake Pan (unglazed and not flipped over)

They may not be beautiful but they are delicious!  Hope you try it.  In fact, you might want to visit and see how they are supposed to look.  I’ll be posting my favorite roll dough recipe soon.  Until next time…eat well, drink well and be well.


  1. Barbara Safford says:

    Maria: This sounds wonderful. I have a few Meyer lemons left on my tree and I am going to try your recipe.
    I have a bundt pan.

  2. Barbara Safford says:

    I made his today. It is delicious. I was lucky enough to have two Meyer lemons left on my tree to make it. I will definitely try this again.
    Thank you Maria for the recipe.

    • Maria Farr says:

      I’m glad you tried it, Barbara. It’s a little bit of work but really worth it. I love it with a good cup of coffee or tea. Thanks for writing in!

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