Welcome to my home.  Thank you for joining me.  It’s Fall and it used to be my least favorite time of year.  You see, I am not fond of cold, cloudy weather.  I like the sun and warm days.  So, even though Autumn is still sunny and warm for a few months before the cold starts, I would dread the weather changing soon and never really appreciate Fall.  It was only a stepping stone to a time that had short, dark days.  I remember one year, I decided that I was letting this season pass without appreciating its beauty because it was just foretelling what was to come.  Silly, I know. I started looking around at the trees, the flowers, the squirrels and I became obsessed with acorns.  Now, I really love fall.  The weather is cooler yet still nice but most of all, the colors that shine in the sun are just beautiful. My acorn collection is the envy of my backyard squirrels.  And I’m living in the moment, not thinking about what’s to come.

I am so happy that I am beginning the blog during this time of year.  The Renaissance Kitchen was born out of the suggestion of a good friend to find more joy in my life.  I was at a point that I couldn’t figure out what really made me happy.  After many conversations and meditation, I realized that something that always makes me happy is cooking for people. Nothing gives me more joy than when someone tells me how much they like my dish and if the next phrase is “I want the recipe.”, I get a real thrill.  I love that feeling of making something so yummy that they want to replicate the dish.  Usually, I love anything that is cooked for me.  I appreciate someone spending the time thinking about what to make and creating the dish for me.  It’s love.  Someone has to really care about you to go through that process.

I cook with love and music.  I hope that you will enjoy being with me through this blog.  I’ll be thinking about what to make and share with you.  Thanks for joining me.  I’ll meet you in the kitchen.

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